Travel Smarter, Travel Better

We at DK Travel House believe that break times, be it for leisure or business, should be :

  • Organised and free of travel hassles, but not regimental
  • Pack in maximum value for your time and money

A whole world of travel ideas, readymade or made-to-order  Whether you are travelling alone or with your family, or a group of friends, rest assured you will be in for a good time. As we take care of all the travel headaches, you are free to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. And our easy‐paced itinerary means you enjoy it the way you want to.

Be it domestic or international travel, for pleasure or for business, choose from a variety of options such as :

  • Leisure / Fun / Special interest
  • Conferences / Exhibitions / Events
  • Cruises

With our efficient, but easygoing organised FlexiTours, you get all the benefits of a package tour without the bad stuff

We take care of all the hassles of communication, accommodation, currency, and so on. You get all information about timings, contacts, bookings, etc., so that you experience the local travel network, mingling with the local crowd (instead of seeing everything through a bus window and knowing only your group). You get a full list of restaurants serving Indian food to choose from, instead of pre‐fixed food places.

Because, you always will feel better when you stay in places you like (unlike other tours, where you have no such choice; you may even get put up at a highway motel!)

ticketing, visas, monies, etc., etc. As is said, “God is in the details.” And we make sure we take care of every little one.

This comes through not just in the expertise our people bring to their jobs, but in little things that no commercial tour operator is ever going to give you. Like going that extra mile for you to have all your important documents at hand – even if this means bringing it to your house at 1 a.m. Like arranging offbeat holidays that you would never see in a typical organised tour package.