D.K. Travel House is a subsidiary of the Devji Keshavji group of companies, which has interests in food grains, finance, stock broking,  stocks and property.

Manoj Vora, director and brain behind this enterprise, is an inveterate traveller and planning vacation travel for his family was a major hobby. Soon, he was getting requests from friends to arrange their vacations for them – especially after they realised that, compared to the organised package tours, he managed to pack in more value for money and time on his family vacation trips!

Word of mouth publicity brought him more requests from other individuals and small businesses to plan their breaks and make travel arrangements. By this time, Manoj had built up an impressive network of agents, co-travellers and gained a lot of inside information about various places. This was when he decided to turn his hobby into a more formal unit named DK Travel House.

But apart from acquiring a formal name, nothing else has changed. With DK Travel House, what sets us apart is that we bring to our work all the enthusiasm of the travel lover and hobbyist, with the professionalism needed in such a people-oriented business. Our workforce, starting with our director, consists of people who love to travel, like efficiency, appreciate organised details, but dislike the rushed pace and strict school camp approach of the usual tours.

Today, when it comes to organised, flexi-package tours, we are rapidly developing a reputation for thorough planning, wide-ranging travel ideas, an eye for detail and quality services on all fronts. We offer a wide option of travel ideas to suit varied budgets. Moreover, since we have all the expertise to also take care of all the other allied details so essential to travel, you benefit even more in every way.